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2006.12.30 55 Gallon - It looks dark on the left side because it IS dark on the left side. I've become aggressive about pulling out at least one Giant Vallisneria every week, but I might have to up that to three every two weeks, because the current schedule leaves them enough time to grow long enough to shade the left third of the tank.

It's a fine line to draw really. On the one hand, I really like the look of the giant vals, and at auction they have been selling for $3-4 a piece for me, which to date has paid for my DCAS membership for the year. On the other hand, with my current pruning regimin, the only thing that really thrives on that left side is the Cryptocrynes. The peace lilly on the left is utterly dwarfed by its better lit equivalent on the right side, and the bacopa monneri in the shade has only put on about two inches this month, while the well lit specimins have been pruned in half twice in the same period. (That would be about 10 inches of growth.)

Anybody want platies? How many can you count in this photograph? How many do you think are in this tank?