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2006.12.30 - (10 Gallon) ...it seems to have ended up as a plant storage tank, while I wait for the next month's Aquarium Society meeting, to auction off the clippings.

This is the better part of three weeks worth of Wisteria, Anacharis, Hornwort, Red Hygro, Red Ludwigia, and Baby's Tears clippings. There's a platy in this picture too. Can you see him?

Actually, since that original August picture, this tank has served as a plant grow out tank, a hi-fin platy breeder tank, a shrimp tank (that didn't last long!) and eventually, as a plant holding tank.

There's probably two dozen or so assorted juvenile platys in there right now, along with 4 cherry barbs, a handful of ghost shrimp, and an ottocinclus catfish. (The headcounts were all accurate as of two weeks ago, which was the last time I could actually SEE the fish in this tank.)

Well, to be truthful, I know the platies are still there, and I think I saw one of the cherry barbs. Haven't seen the otto in two weeks, but that's not unusual for this catfish.

New Year's Resolution: Set up a holding bin for clippings somewhere else, and make this tank pretty again.